Day 205: The Night Before

Broad Street is tomorrow. I should be in bed but I have a few belly knots. I’m excited! I love Broad Street but this year it’s extra exciting. Last year I went alone. This year there’ll be friends there, both at the start and the end.

It’s a crazy feeling because this year I’m meeting a friend who’s doing the BSR for the first time. She’s nervous so I told her I’d meet her at the train and we’d go up together. She’s in the pink corral too, so we’ll leave together. I told her, if she wants to take off ahead of me, that’s fine. I plan to do an easy first mile and then Galloway it to see how it works for long races. It was great at the park but if it works for long stretches, it could be what gets me through the marathon.

I talked to her at the writing workshop today, and she seems to look up to me. It’s kind of embarrassing but in a way it’s also keeping me humble, because I know she’s inspired by what she sees me doing. Even that sounds weird to me, but not in a bad way; more like, I have to set a good example because someone thinks I’m doing things right. Funny but I had to do that as a kid, too, and it was constricting, but now I’m doing it because I want to. Because I love it. Running is the happy ending I can’t get anywhere else, and it’s all mine. Running is what I do for me.

Funny but at the workshop, everyone kind of partnered up for lunch but I sat alone, and it was relaxing. I didn’t mind at all. I kind of liked the peace. I have friends there but I sat alone and it was good.

I’ll have to write later about how I figured out who my grandmother is. My dad’s mother died in her 20’s, I think; my dad was 4 at the time. He barely knew her, and I never knew her, but I realized if personality traits skip generations—Ryan sometimes acts like my mom—then I may have some of my grandmother’s personality traits. I have traits like someone I’ve never met, but if I apply what I know about myself to her, then she was a pretty terrific person. She’ll be with me tomorrow when I run.

My race bib # is 36576. Always Philadelphia: 365 (days in the year) 76 (1776 or I-76). I love it! And I got an OAR t-shirt to wear. I’m so proud! And it’s crazy how it matches everything I was planning on wearing. Or maybe it’s just serendipity.



Hard to believe after this is over, I’m on my own ’til August (though I plan to start marathon training in July). I put the training schedule on the wall and it’s intimidating, but it’s what I need to do. I want to be ready, just like I’m ready for tomorrow. Light on sleep, but ready. 😉


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