Day 203: The Day After

Broad Street was a blast! Not without a few hiccups, like the rain and holy cow, the cold at the end, and doofy me forgetting the Phillies tickets, but not realizing it until I’d already sat in the parking lot for 90 minutes. Oh well, I caught a nap before driving home, and the highway wasn’t too crowded, unlike the 2 hour drive my friend Susan experienced, trying to get back to Downingtown.

I got an OAR (Organization for Autism Research) t-shirt on Friday at the expo and immediately declared it my race shirt. It’s not as loose and comfy as what I’m used to, but it’s exactly what I wanted, and of all the crazy things, it matched the pants and shoes I’d planned to wear. It had to be fate. The coolest thing of all was the lady yelling at me during the race, “Running for autism! Good job!” That made me feel like a rock star. 🙂


Had a really nice time at the expo and after, when I took Ryan to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch. We passed a man who could’ve passed himself off as Steven Spielberg, but Ryan didn’t know who that was. As I ordered our lunch, he looked it up…and boy was he floored! He teased me about asking for an autograph but on the off-chance the guy wasn’t Spielberg, I didn’t want to make an ass of myself. He bet me he could get an autograph if he saw the guy again, so imagine his surprise when we finished lunch and guess who walked directly between us! And yet neither of us moved. 🙂

Ryan fries

I ran with Susan Scott Shelley, and bless her heart, I’m pretty sure she could’ve taken off on her own at any point but she stayed with me. We both held to the silent policy that “If she’s not walking, I’m not walking.” I was only 30 seconds off last year’s time, and I’d have beaten it if not for the great pics we took just before we got to City Hall. My cell phone takes damn good pictures, BTW, but MapMyRun didn’t accurately count the miles. Kinda disappointing to see the mile marker ahead and then see MMR tell me I’m .3 past it. Duh.

City Hall S City Hall C

I’m amazed that I’m walking like a human today, despite a shin splint and leg cramp  in my right calf. (The cramp has lingered off and on since the Love Run.) But watching the scale numbers going down has been terrifically encouraging. Hard to believe that as of Thursday I’ll be two weeks, very limited sugar, but I got groceries at lunch and almost drooled over the scent of fresh strawberries. Whatever I’m doing, it’s working, so I’m sticking with it.

It was fun talking to my mom afterward. She said my pre-race email was so upbeat that she sent it to her friends. Okay, I was excited (and trying to tamp it down so I didn’t burn out; after all, it was 5 a.m.), but I loved that I was carrying my causes with me. I had my OAR shirt, and I had a chain of purple yarn as a hair ribbon so I could take Mom’s friend Becky along on the race. Becky had run Broad Street before, as well as a few other races (including the Philly Marathon, I think), but she passed away from ovarian cancer last year, not long after I ran my first BSR. I wanted to bring her with me, and she was there. Her ribbon is hanging on the picture frame Mom gave me for Christmas, the one with photos from my previous races. It’s the frame that tells me she really believes in me and my running. That it’s not just a passing fad: this is a way of life, and something I truly believe in.

It was a great day, and the medal is awesome; it has sparkle! But it’s the 35th anniversary, so that was probably to be expected. (Though I didn’t notice it at first because I didn’t take the protective bag off it.) Susan didn’t know she got a medal for running the race, so I was delighted to see her get it. 🙂 The guy who gave me my shirt on Friday at the expo, gave me my medal on Sunday. Pretty nice!

To the organizers, the volunteers, and the sponsors of the 2014 Broad Street Run, a gigantic THANK YOU from runner number 36576! You guys ROCKED it! Hope to see you again next year!

finish me finish line signs 3 Walken Temple Owl Ghostbusters BSR sign

I Beat BS


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