Day 199: Shaking It Off

Yes, I skipped yesterday. Even though I also skipped going to the gym, it was a busy one, capped off with my mom’s birthday. I called, and our calls are never short and sweet, but that’s how I like ’em. 🙂

The post-race blues have really kicked in this week and I’m tired of it. My knee may have something to do with it, too, so I took yesterday off from the gym and frogged two scarves instead. It drove me batty that they’ve been sitting there since I found the holes a year ago. One I wanted to re-attempt, hoping that the yarn will hold together (apparently it wasn’t spun well enough to hold, which makes me wonder if I’m not attempting the yarny version of Einstein’s theory of insanity), and the other I found a cool new pattern for so I’m testing that out. There’ll be knots all over the stuff in both cases but it’s too pretty to throw out…unless it annoys me enough that I send it flying into the circular file.

Not that I need more UFOs, but I did need something to perk up my imagination and creativity, and given a day off from doing cardio, yarn-winding fit the bill.

This morning, though, I still kinda had that blah feeling, and I got another email for a 5k held at Valley Forge, benefiting Dragonfly Forest summer camp for kids with autism. I’ve seen it before but opted out because I’m already doing a 5k that day, the Run for Ryan with Victory Brewing. However, the latter is at 1 p.m.; the former is at 9 a.m. I started wondering if I could make it work, and I posed the question to my  Sunday Funday Runday group for their opinion. The end result is, I’m going to be what I now call a 5k Fool and do two 5ks on the same day in two different locations.

What the heck; I’m doing it. I needed a new challenge, and my next distance race over 4 miles isn’t ‘til November. (Unless you count training for the marathon, which in itself will be challenging.) This is essentially a 10k with each half a few hours apart. The trick will be in getting from point A to point B with a stop to get Karen in between, but again, it’s just part of the challenge, and I want to know if I could do it. Trying and failing beats the crap out of wondering if I can.

Funny but every time I think “I’m going to be a 5k Fool!” my memory starts singing Jackson Browne, “I’m gonna be a happy idiot and struggle for the legal tender…” 🙂

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