Day 187: Two for One

The height of laziness: when you don’t post because you don’t feel like doing the math to figure out how far I am from the marathon. 🙂 But it’s starting to get closer. My son’s teacher (and running mentor) asked me last week how my training was coming. I said, “It starts in July, early August.” This being late May and almost Memorial Day, we’re getting there. A little intimidating to think I’ll be training All. Through. The. Summer. Then again, this is why it’s in November: because training in winter SUCKS.

So as it turns out, two 5ks in one day *is* entirely do-able. The first was at Dragonfly Forest, a camp for kids with autism spectrum disorders and other medical issues. Alex would be eligible for the Explorers Program, which is the one camp activity that’s not free, but it would be a week of sleep-away camp. The idea gives me shivers, and not just because of the cost, but at the same time, I know it might be something good for him. After seeing him at the Special Needs prom on Friday, I know he’s fine on his own. He enjoys being with his friends, and he has no problem finding entertainment, either from within or without. (Once he knew I was there, he practically begged me to leave.) It’s all things I need to think about.

The 5k was *awesome*! I didn’t know it was a trail run but it was SO pretty, and I was there with my bestie Karen, who did the 1 mile charity walk. (She’s not into running yet. Yet.) The weather was gorgeous, we had a great time, and I *made* great time despite it being a trail run. My new heel-to-toe stride, as opposed to using a midfoot foot strike, is SO much better. My knee didn’t tweak once and my legs felt MUCH stronger. I have to be careful because most running books advocate smaller strides but this is working for me. A few miles in I thought, “If I use this for the marathon, I won’t have a problem.” So if all the new stride gives me is confidence, that’s fine.

We then went to Downingtown for the Run for Ryan at Victory Brewing Co. Loved it! The weather again was perfect–just 4 hours from the first race–and the location was terrific. Plus my buddy Stacey showed up for it!! I haven’t seen her since her beautiful little girl was 18 months old (she’s now 3) so it was fantastic to get to hang out with her. I knew she’d hit it off with Karen, too; they’re both Tattooed Ladies! And really, Stacey’s just so cool, I can’t imagine her not getting along with everyone on the planet. Once I teach her to knit, she’ll be Perfect. 🙂
















The funny thing is that Karen and Stacey were having such a good time on the 1 mile walk that I got there ahead of them. I’m still pretty pleased that I finished in 34 minutes and change, considering the hill on mile 2. As I was going down it, I thought, “Cool! I’ll make great time!” until I realized, uh yeah, I have to go back UP the thing on the way back. But I got to the bottom, let out a string of swear words, and then just focused on the road ahead and not on the incline I was climbing. Surprise surprise, it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected and before I knew it I was at the top, and I hadn’t stopped to walk (except at the water station). When I got to the finish line, I poured it on and shot through two people mailing it in ahead of me. 😉 I also collapsed on the grass just past the finish line, but it felt damn good. I really put my heart into it.

The food was great, and even though the lines were long, they moved quickly. The Victory lager was delish, and the portobello sandwich! Yum!! I even told the server, “Thank you for giving a vegetarian option!” He said, “We’re here to serve everybody.” Quite the cutie! 🙂 And I do have to say, there were a lot more good-looking guys at this race than most of the races I’ve been to. Beer, a road race, and eye candy. Trifecta!

Saturday the weather was great (as compared to Friday, which was one giant downpour) so I sat outside with my City Blocks wrap and picked up the stitches for the next section. I needed to do it in broad daylight so I could see the stitches in the black yarn section. It’s SO CUTE, I can’t wait to have it wrapped around my shoulders! Now to hope the yarn lasts. I’m not sure I have enough, and I know I don’t have enough for the edging, and the yarn company changed hands so if I order more, I don’t know if it’ll be the same thing. But where I am now is all decreases, so we’ll see. I love what I have right now, and at last I can add more rows to it!


Day 195: Adventures in Online Dating

Yep, totally different subject, but it’s on my mind so here goes.

I’m telling you, it’s a different world these days. When I was in my 20’s, I didn’t know any guys my age who were actively seeking older women. Sometimes it just happened, but in general, it wasn’t a thing. More often than not, you heard about older men seeking younger women, but there was a term for that: midlife crisis. (I had a beloved friend once upon a time who’d see a bald man in a convertible or Firebird, and if she happened to be next to him at a stoplight, she’d lean over and say, “Sorry about your penis.” Penny, if you’re still out there, find me on Facebook, please!)

I suppose I should feel complimented that I’ve gotten three “Hey babe, how’s it going?” messages on OKCupid from men under 35. I mean, there are millions of women their age out there and they thought I was attractive. I did happen upon one who, from the wording of his message, clearly had mommy issues and was badly in need of a therapist, but overall I think I can honestly say that the psychos are few and far between. But they definitely are out there. Caveat emptor.

I saw this on Facebook today and I’ve seen it before but I still love it, because it still gives me that tiny mustard seed of hope that I’ll find The One some day.

As a kid, my mom said there’s a pot for every lid, which left me wondering, what if my other half died as a kid? Does that mean I don’t get a Happily Ever After, ever? Over time I came to realize that the whole concept of soul mates is somewhat flawed, because if a soul mate is someone who truly *gets* you, that could cover many people. My cat, Mickey, makes me feel needed in a way that sometimes I’ll look at him looking at me, and I’ll think he could be my soul mate. Or my son, who I can banter with and we exchange thoughts so comfortably that I feel that connection with him, though I will say I felt that connection with him on his very first night, when the nurse forgot to come get him and he stayed the night in my room, tucked safely under my arm, that cute little blue-eyed football that he was. Long story short, I don’t think a soul mate is just one person, but it may be just one person at a time. That one person who understands who you really are, even if you don’t understand it yourself.

So if I keep working toward finding The One (who is or isn’t my soul mate), somewhere out there, he’s looking to find me too.


I had a nice run on Mother’s Day. The weather was gorgeous. I wish I’d gone out earlier (instead of at 1, but Silver Linings Playbook was on and I wanted to see where they’d filmed at Norristown State Hospital; I think I know where, but the security truck was roaming and I didn’t want to look snoopy) but I was out for 2 hours, enjoying the heck out of it. I’m a little anxious about training for the marathon. I put the training plan on the wall next to my computer and it looks overwhelming, but I put this on Facebook today and it’s very true.

I just wonder if I have the self-discipline needed, but we’ll see. I had the discipline to finish the straight portion of my Citys Blocks wrap last night; now to the decreases, and seeing if I have enough yarn to finish this thing. Can’t wait to post pics! I’d wear it after the marathon if I could but sweat + cashmere & mink = NO NO NO. 🙂

Day 199: Shaking It Off

Yes, I skipped yesterday. Even though I also skipped going to the gym, it was a busy one, capped off with my mom’s birthday. I called, and our calls are never short and sweet, but that’s how I like ’em. 🙂

The post-race blues have really kicked in this week and I’m tired of it. My knee may have something to do with it, too, so I took yesterday off from the gym and frogged two scarves instead. It drove me batty that they’ve been sitting there since I found the holes a year ago. One I wanted to re-attempt, hoping that the yarn will hold together (apparently it wasn’t spun well enough to hold, which makes me wonder if I’m not attempting the yarny version of Einstein’s theory of insanity), and the other I found a cool new pattern for so I’m testing that out. There’ll be knots all over the stuff in both cases but it’s too pretty to throw out…unless it annoys me enough that I send it flying into the circular file.

Not that I need more UFOs, but I did need something to perk up my imagination and creativity, and given a day off from doing cardio, yarn-winding fit the bill.

This morning, though, I still kinda had that blah feeling, and I got another email for a 5k held at Valley Forge, benefiting Dragonfly Forest summer camp for kids with autism. I’ve seen it before but opted out because I’m already doing a 5k that day, the Run for Ryan with Victory Brewing. However, the latter is at 1 p.m.; the former is at 9 a.m. I started wondering if I could make it work, and I posed the question to my  Sunday Funday Runday group for their opinion. The end result is, I’m going to be what I now call a 5k Fool and do two 5ks on the same day in two different locations.

What the heck; I’m doing it. I needed a new challenge, and my next distance race over 4 miles isn’t ‘til November. (Unless you count training for the marathon, which in itself will be challenging.) This is essentially a 10k with each half a few hours apart. The trick will be in getting from point A to point B with a stop to get Karen in between, but again, it’s just part of the challenge, and I want to know if I could do it. Trying and failing beats the crap out of wondering if I can.

Funny but every time I think “I’m going to be a 5k Fool!” my memory starts singing Jackson Browne, “I’m gonna be a happy idiot and struggle for the legal tender…” 🙂

Begin Again

Okay, time to skip the angst crap and start thinking positive. Name it to claim it, right? No time like the present. (I knew all those Readers Digest quotes would come in handy some day.)

The divorce is final and I’m single again. We’re staying friends, though, and it’s not a bad thing. He has a lot more going on in his life, and sometimes I’m a little jealous, but it’s not all great so that, I’m not jealous about.

My time is my own. Well, outside of work and the boys, it is. Right now I’m on vacation and I’ve been doing things I either don’t usually do or never did before. Saturday I ran 6 miles without stopping. Forrest Gump would’ve passed me, but I didn’t stop and he did, so neener2. Sunday we went to the PA Renaissance Faire and had an amazing time. Monday I finished the rose filet wrap I’d been working on.

Now, the wrap is a little something different. I think of it as my Field of Dreams project: crochet it, and HE will come. (Get your mind out of the gutter.) My plan is to wear it on a first date. I just need someone to ask me, and I’m ready.

The latest project is moving along slowly but moving. I’ve quoted Twain before, “I can live for two weeks on a compliment.” Someone told me they love my voice (God love you, Lynn Kellan) and it inspired me to keep going, that maybe I’m not a crappy writer after all. That, and my victim impact statement moved the juvenile court judge to impose a harsher sentence on the younger of the two individuals who broke into my house on July 1st. Not the best experience of my life, but knowing my writing made someone think? Yeah, that made me feel better.

I’ll feel even better when I get my infamous Phillies bag back. Sad as it sounds, when everyone else finished their races and went off to find their loved ones, I went off to find my bag. My bag was what waited for me to finish the run and go home. It upset me when I saw the laptop and cell phone were gone, but it broke my heart to realize a week later that the bag was gone. I’m told it was recovered. I almost jumped off the courtroom bench when I saw the photo.

I see much better times ahead. I have my new lucky earrings, courtesy of the RenFaire (silver Celtic knots, exactly what I wanted!), and I’ve paid off a bill I dreaded. I see some money I’m owed coming in soon, and from here on it’s all fair winds and following seas.

Begin Again

No, not the blog. I’ve been doing this for too long.

I’ve been excusing my lack of weight loss progress over the last four months, saying it’s hard to lose weight in the winter. Our bodies are still under the impression we’re cave people who need to hold onto as much weight as possible in order to survive the colder months. It’s the only thing that makes sense, considering I’ve spent most of the winter in the gym, working my tail off and getting nowhere. Sure, I snacked now and then, but to bounce around the same 5 pounds for 4 months? Aggravating, to say the least.

But winter is almost over, so I plan on seeing some success again soon. More than that, I have a reason to get back to working my tail off:

I was chosen in the Broad Street Run registration lottery! 🙂

I still can’t believe it. I’m SO excited! This was the goal I set for myself last year, when I was still a newbie runner. I’d just seen the news reports of the Broad Street Run and I told myself, “I want that.”

Now, I’ve heard the BSR can be a little crazy. There are 25K runners there, and Broad Street isn’t all *that* broad. I still wanted it.

This year they announced that because of overwhelming demand, registration would be by lottery. I’m never usually one for games of chance, but I didn’t hesitate with this one. I wanted in like I wanted my next breath.

Selected runners would be notified on the 18th. It being the day after my birthday, I figured I stood a good chance. A late birthday present, right? Except I had so much fun on Sunday that I forgot about the notifications. I got up on Monday morning, checked my email, and immediately thought someone had gotten into my credit card (again). Who the heck is this, and why are they sending me a receipt for…

Oh. My. God. I’m in. (Who needs coffee when that’s how you start your day?)

So now I’m training, hard. Yesterday I planned on 3 miles but ran 4, just because it felt so good. I did “quarters” (changing the speed every quarter mile), but instead of dipping down to 4 mph, I kept hitting the “up” button on the speed. My goal for the Phillies 5k, next month, is a 10 minute mile. That was my goal last year, before I had any idea how hard it is to run a 10 minute mile when you’ve never run a race before. I still finished with a (then) PR, and have done successively better since. Can I average a 10 minute mile in a 10 mile race? <gasp> We shall see.

I had to share this article I found during the week. Clearly it proves that I’m a double junkie, since I’m addicted to both knitting/crocheting/yarn play *and* running. Hey, I’m no dummy. 😉

Can Knitting Give you a Runner’s High?


I’m fighting my fourth cold in three months. I’m not sure if, once this is over, I should be bulletproof or resemble Gollum. (I really never should’ve watched LOTR. Now I compare everything to “the preshussssssss…”)

Been talking to a friend about the starting over process. I’ve been on my own for 13 months and counting; she hasn’t been on a date in 3 years. If she’d said that to me last year, I would’ve recoiled in horror. Now, it doesn’t seem so bad. Sure, there are lonely nights. There are moments when I think it’d be fun to have someone to share all my awesomeness with, who’d want to share his awesomeness with me. (Because let’s face it, after what I’ve been through, only relatively equal awesomeness need apply.) But by the end of the day, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. Each day is a little victory. I didn’t collapse. I didn’t crumble under pressure. I suppose that’s because the real pressure is yet to make an appearance; we shall see. But I can go to bed and not cry because I’m alone. Once the bed gets nice and warm, I could care less if the New England Patriots D-line were there with me.

Of course, I’d kick ’em all off the bed because I’m a Buffalo Bills fan.  🙂 But overall, it’s not so bad. Things do work out the way they’re supposed to. We’re all part of the Great Circle of Life.

I’m signed up for two races so far, and I’m counting the minutes ’til registration for the Broad Street Run and the Color Run. From there, the opportunities are endless.

Oh, and I’m still finishing what I start, knitting-wise. I have wool mittens waiting for the next cold snap, which should be here in 5…4…3…2… (yeah, something like that). I’m starting another pair, though I’m thinking of making them into fingerless mitts. I loved the mitten pattern but if I adapt it, I can wear it indoors, which would be more often, because my hands are almost always cold. I’m never quite sure if Laziness or Ingenuity is the mother of Invention. Luckily, they both knew how to knit.

Anger Management

I’m angry. I’m tired of the bullspit my life has been for the last 13 months. I’m scared to death to make the changes I have to make, but SOMEONE has to make them. I can’t keep waiting like this. It’s killing me a little every day.

I know life doesn’t come with guarantees, but this is one crazy-ass leap of faith I have to take, and it scares the crap out of me. I could easily go along as things are now, fat and happy (well, not that fat; remind me to post the Before and Middle pictures of my weight loss progress), one day the same as the one before it and identical to the one to come. That’d be great.

If I were happy. I’m not. That’s why I can’t settle.

I credit this change in mindset to the progress I’ve made in therapy. The problem with progress is, you can’t go back to the way things were. Well, you can if you *want* to gain the weight back, but I don’t want that back either.

– – – – – –

In other news, craft-wise it seems I have chronic finish-itis. Over the weekend I finished four projects, one of whom has been in UFO status (UnFinished Object) for at least a year if not longer. I may have started it before we moved into the house. I was rearranging some things when I saw this pretty afghan. I needed one for the bed, for those days when I just want to curl up and get warm and take a nap, and this seemed about right. Problem was, it wasn’t quite long enough, and it had a loose end. (“Long enough”, translated: would fit Alex’s 6’3″ body from head to toe.) Over the weekend I found some yarn to add to it, put on another foot of length, and now it’s finished and sitting on the bed, waiting for me to have one of those days a free afternoon. I also finished two pairs of fingerless mitts and a scrap afghan I started when the furnace died after Hurricane Sandy. Now I’ m working on something I started last year, a Wingspan wrap that’s been idle since the spring.

I’m more interested in finishing old projects than starting anything new. This is weird. This is not me. I wonder if it’s related to what’s going on in the section above this one, but I really like having less unfinished stuff hanging over my head. It’s calming. From the inside.

– – – – – –

I registered for the Runner’s World Half Marathon again. While I realize this means I have to give up Rhinebeck, it’s a price I’m willing to pay. Last year I wasn’t prepared enough for the half, and my time reflected it. This year I want to do better, so I’m making plans to go to the workshops, watch the 5K and 10K, indulge in the pre-race carb-load dinner, talk to people and immerse myself in the sport joy of running. That night I’m going to get a good night’s sleep (something I definitely didn’t do last year, but half because I was too excited from Rhinebeck to sleep, and half because I was scared to death of how I’d do in the race), possibly in a hotel so I don’t have to drive 90 minutes to get there, and I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it this time. I’ve seen the pictures of me at last year’s Half. I was looking down. I didn’t make eye contact. My plan was to get in, do my best, and finish. I loved it, but I’m not sure I enjoyed it as much as I could have. This time I want to high-five the bystanders, smile at the cameras, and boogie along with whatever’s on my iPod. And come in under 2:30 with a gigantic smile on my face.

The race is October 20th. I’ll be ready. I just wonder how different my life will be by then. Hopefully for the better.

– – – – – –

Oh yeah; the pictures. 🙂 

Before Jan 2012
Me, January 2012; already lost a few but had more to go.
Halfway to my goal weight!
Halfway to my goal weight!

Something Finished

Not a whole lot to report, life-wise, though I’m reminded of the lyrics, “Just surviving is a noble fight.” But I do have this to show off share:

I’m so excited! It’s the second Central Park Hoodie I’ve made, only this time I opted out of the “hoodie” part, for no reason other than, I don’t plan to need the hoodie. My first one was pretty cute too. (Think I can find the picture? Heck no.) It had the hoodie, but it was also 2 sizes too big for me, so when I wore it to Rhinebeck last October, I could’ve smuggled a whole sheep out of the festival under the thing. A live sheep would’ve been spotted on the bus…and promptly sheared and knit into something pretty by the bus full of knitters, but still.

Anyway, back on track. This CPH is a little shorter than I usually prefer, but I’ll adapt. It’s warm and toasty and soft and finished. I’m SO thrilled that the seaming class I took at Slip Knot stayed with me (though I haven’t seamed anything in 6 months). Even the sleeve seams are perfect. (IMO; your expertise may vary.)

Next up, I’m finishing the knitties I promised my critique group as prizes for completing the 100 Words/100 Days challenge. That should be done today. After that, I’m on my own (cough-ColorAffection-cough) until the 27th when the “Ravellenic Games” (fka the Ravelympics) starts. The moment the flame hits the cauldron, my needles start on Campfire Socks. The challenge there is to complete a project during the course of the Olympic games. For me, this is no small feat, as I’m prone to major bouts with Second-Sock-itis. I’m always excited to start the first sock, but bored to tears knitting its mate. But I really want these socks; I’ve used the pattern before and it’s simple without being boring, and interesting without being complicated; and the yarn has been in my stash for maybe 3 years, knitted and frogged because nothing seems to be quite the perfect project for it. If this doesn’t work out…?

But it will, and I’ll post pics when they’re done.

Finishing Things

I’m writing this on the 4th of July, the day our country celebrates our decision to be free of the tyranny of taxation without representation. We won’t talk about how DC is in that same situation now. That’s a story for someone else’s blog.

Today I celebrated the freedom to do nothing if that’s what I wanted to do. I rolled out of bed at 8, went to the store to get the boys some bagels, watched “John Adams” on HBO, and knitted. Really, it’s too hot to do much of anything else, and the local parade is cute but it’s the same thing as last year. A town in NJ had a couple get married on the parade route, on the back of a flatbed tow truck, but that was there, not here. I could see the fire trucks just fine from my kitchen window.

Of course, while I was knitting and watching TV and pursuing happiness, my conscience whispered, “Finish the Boneyard.” It’s been sitting there for close to a week, waiting patiently for me to weave in the loose ends. Its patience wore out as I sat there, working on my Color Affection, so I switched projects and picked up the Boneyard.

Bear in mind, my friend Becky gave me the beee-youuu-teee-full yarn that I used on it:

The Unique Sheep, Tinsel Toes, Andrea colorway

It was actually handed to me at the beginning of a 3-day “continuous improvement” meeting, and while I’d been dreading spending 3 days in meetings—I still have no idea how I got through college; I have the attention span of a gnat—fondling that yarn for the first 2.5 hours made life worthwhile. Not that I could do so obviously. For a minute, I could use my hands. After that, the best I could do while sitting in polite company was to stare at it longingly.

During my lunch break, I searched Ravelry for a pattern idea. Nothing sang to me. It wasn’t ’til I got home that I found the perfect pattern: The Boneyard Shawl. In mainly stockinette stitch, it would show off the colors nicely, and the fabric was loose enough that I wouldn’t strain my fingers while knitting it. I wound the yarn and cast on when I got home from the 3-day meeting. It was my reward for having survived the experience.

I wish I could say that once I cast on, I worked only on it, but see that part about my attention span. The fact that I finished it in under two months is something akin to a miracle, however. This project went on the boat with us when we went fishing, and yet it doesn’t smell like flounder. Can I get an amen?

It still needs to be blocked, but I love it. If you could hug it, you’d see how soft it is. Yay!

With that done, I returned to my Color Affection, which I wish I could say I was happier with. I bought yarn that’s 90% mink (humanely gathered!) and 10% cashmere, and the burgundy yarn is soft as a cloud but the gray yarn is…not quite the same. 😦 I suppose once it’s washed and blocked, it’ll soften up, but so far when it becomes a new row, it looks like my white cat, Tillie, slept on it. The loose fibers aren’t the softest, either. The paperwork that came with the yarn said that when it’s been worked up, it develops a lovely halo. So far so good with the burgundy; not so much with the gray.

I’m still working on it. The next color to add will be black, and the skein itself feels as soft as the burgundy. I hope it balances off the odd-as-fish gray.

For what it’s worth, I ordered some more fingering weight yarn to try again (navy blue, pale blue, and silver gray). I do love the pattern. I can’t wait to wear it and show it off. I’m just a little iffy on the gray yarn.

The Color Run is on Sunday. I got the info packet. Talk about odd as fish. 🙂 But I realized that the race isn’t being timed. It’s a “fun run”, so I’m treating it that way. Training is fun, dammit. I took yesterday off from the gym because there won’t be any street sweeper pushing me along at the end of 3 miles. I’m also running 3 miles more often. Where I am now is all well and good, but I want to improve my endurance. If I lose what’s left of my sanity, I’ll see about signing up for the Philly marathon next fall. NEXT fall.

Speaking of running, GOOD ON YOU to Oscar Pistorius, the first double amputee to run in the Olympics! The fact that he’s running in the 400m brings tears to my eyes. My dad ran the 400m (would’ve been an Olympian if he hadn’t opted to leave East Germany instead), and my son is has a disability that doesn’t stop him from being the best person I know. Oscar’s success is like having both my worlds come together. I’ll be cheering the loudest for him come July 27th!!

A Time for Letting Go

I had an interesting moment this afternoon. Driving home from the gym, feeling pretty good about myself, a song came on my iPod that made me think of my first crush. (No, I won’t take it off my iPod. I happen to like Elvis Costello.)

Let me back up. Once upon a time, I was sure he was The One. I won’t go into why, simply because we’ve all been there, and I’d rather not reveal details. Much better for all if he stays anonymous, and if you think you know who he is, keep it to yourself, thanks. Trust me, even he doesn’t know, or at least, I don’t think he does. I’d rather not know if he does know. Know what I mean?

Fast forward many years (>20), during which time my life went on, as did his, and here I am, sitting in my car, life going on, not-so-fat & happy. A song plays that takes me back to hearing him sing it. We were both younger then, and I had a lot to learn.

To my surprise, I didn’t get the old palpitations like I once did at the memory of him. In fact, it occurred to me that I’d probably never see him again. I’m actually fine with it. That surprised the crap out of me. It’s been a long time, but I’m ready to let him go. The Real One is out there somewhere, and I trust that we’ll find each other. I’m taking the Leap of Faith. Until then, I’m all about learning, living, loving, and laughing.

And, of course, knitting. I’m not doing too well with my one-project-at-a-time idea, but only because I’m trying  to condense things a bit. Just this afternoon, I gave up on two projects and put the yarn back in my stash. One is being recycled into Business Casual socks, and it’s actually quite perfect. I’m using the Pagewood Farms Alyeska in denim that I bought to go with another skein Laura the awesome gave me. My first ever cashmere experience and I still haven’t found quite the perfect pattern for it. Seriously, like believing no girl is good enough for your son, I can’t find just the right pattern yet. I won’t quit, however. Something this beautiful should likely be worn on the hands so the brilliant softness can be regularly appreciated. Problem being, the yarn is too pretty to cut. 🙂

No problem. In both cases, I’ll find The Right One.