Magic Mirror

According to either my astrological sign or my numerology chart, Thursdays are my lucky days, so now that I’m going to dedicate myself to more frequent blog-posting, I figure I’ll try to make a habit out of posting on Thursdays. Make sense? Eh.  🙂

But really, I need to blog more often. I blog on Blame It On the Muse at least once a month, but that doesn’t count. This is my career, not the team’s, and I have to be in charge of it.

I’m also going to keep it short and sweet, unlike many of my other posts, just because life is crazy and some days, I’m lucky I have time to eat.

That being said, today I was thinking about mirrors. When I get ready to leave in the mornings, usually the last mirror I see is the bathroom one. I put on makeup, comb my hair, and feel like a million bucks. I like that mirror.

But when I get to work, I suspect we have a magic mirror, because when I see myself in that one, I look like crap. My hair is stringy, my face is washed out, and I have bags under my eyes that would make Samsonite jealous. WTF? How did I go from Christie Brinkley to Billy Joel over the course of a 20 minute commute? Worse yet, when I get home, I look fine again.

I’m convinced the mirror at work is designed specifically to make us look and feel like crap. That way we won’t think very highly of ourselves, we won’t ask for more than we think we deserve, and we won’t push the boundaries. It’s a magic mirror.

I want to smash it.