Me, a Foodie?

I used to blog with Chicklets in the Kitchen, but it’s been a while. I’m sorry to say, I ran out of ideas. The problem was twofold: I’m a vegetarian so my meal choices were somewhat limited, and I ran out of time to be creative.

However, that’s going to change out of necessity. I had an idea this morning for a story involving a character who’s a chef, and to make her more authentic, I’m going to do my homework. I’m going to try a new recipe once a week; something fresh and healthy, but full of flavor enough that I’ll want to make it again. This, of course, is assuming it works out and I *do* want to make it again.

I say this now, and I have today off. We’ll see how ambitious I am when reality kicks in and I have to fit cooking in with the gym, the boys’ dinner, and school stuff. But this morning I got up, made chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, spinach quiche and a loaf of bread. (The bread was a cheat; I thawed it the night before.) I was so full from breakfast that I wasn’t interested in lunch, and I started dinner early. Dinner was a batch of toll house cookies, homemade french fries, and deep-fried hot dogs (because I got puppy-dog eyes when the boys asked, “Fries and…?” Most things didn’t get a picture before they were devoured–remember, these are teenage boys–but here’s one stack of cookies, adored by Ryan:



I’m also coaching myself out of eating after 8 at night. I’m going to brush my teeth–who wants to eat after they’ve brushed? They’ll just have to brush all over again–and switch to only drinking water. I’ll also put on my anti-wrinkle oil in hopes it spends a little longer on my skin, fighting the oldness. 😉