Watch This Space

I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life being polite, but not necessarily making myself happy. That BS stops now. Well-behaved women never make history. Now I’m going to get what I want, even if it means making an idiot out of myself on occasion. (I was inspired by the Facebook pic, a quote from Gregory House, that said, “If you’re not willing to look stupid, nothing great will ever happen to you.”) Even if it means telling people something they don’t want to hear or didn’t expect to hear from me. I’m going to be honest, with them and myself. I even have an idea where I’m going to start. Watch this space for further details. 🙂

I’ve been part of a couple for the last 28 years of my life. I’ve been “single” for the last six months, but that’s also the longest I’ve been single since I was 17. I’ve reached the conclusion that I need to learn to enjoy being alone. It hasn’t been easy and it’s not getting any easier, but whatever is happening in my life is what’s meant to be. Something in this train wreck is meant to make me a better person.

Symbolic or not, I finished the last sleeve on my Central Park Hoodie. I just need the time and the daylight to sew it together and finish the edging. I also need it to not be 100+ degrees out, because the very thought of putting on a sweater makes me want to curl into a fetal position ’til October. 🙂 Welcome to summer!


3 thoughts on “Watch This Space

  1. I’d give you a hoodie picture but it’s still in pieces, and nut case that I am, I know how to seam–I took a class, for pete’s sake–but for some reason, I’m afraid to start. It might be because having all that worsted weight on my lap in the a/c doesn’t tickle my funny bone. I have to do it, though. I *want* that sweater. (No hoodie to it, BTW. The last one I made had a hoodie but this one, I’m leaving it off so it’s technically just a cardigan. Still cute, tho. Pics to come after the heat wave breaks.)

  2. Woo Hoo!!! I’m looking forward to seeing the hoodieless hoodie, too! Good for you for getting it done. And good for you promising to make yourself happy. I’m trying to follow the same path. It’s hard, though, because we are trained from an early age to always put the needs and feelings of others ahead of ourselves. So there’s always such a huge guilt factor in making ourselves happy (at least there is for me). So power to ya! Go for it! 🙂

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