Change in Plans

We didn’t go to Rochester after all.  By the time I got home on Friday night (after 7) from dropping the boys off, John didn’t have the steam to drive 4+ hours to Syracuse, knowing we’d have to get up at 6 the next morning, be in Rochester at 8, stand in the sun for 2 hours, and run all over the place ’til we got back home again, so we canceled the trip.  It turned out okay; we went to see Get Smart and it was a lot funnier than I’d expected.  We tried to see Dark Knight but the showing we went to see was almost sold out, and they couldn’t guarantee us much better seats than the first two rows.  The idea of spending the next 2.5 hours craning our necks to see the screen didn’t appeal to us, so we went to see Get Smart instead.  Definitely a different ending than the one we’d expected with Dark Knight.  After that we went to pester our favorite bartender, Jen, who was working waitress duty.  Jen’s a doll, and my source of information when I have a character who tends bar.  (Wait ’til I get back to Jake’s Story.) 

I told myself I wouldn’t print Release Point until I’d read the story over again, but I had some time on Friday afternoon so I printed it, hole-punched it, and stuck it in a binder…that was too small.  Yesterday I picked up a 1-inch binder and it fits just fine.  Pretty sweet, seeing my “babies” in print.  I hope to God this isn’t the closest I’ll ever get.  😉 

Today we should be hearing back on the mortgage application.  I fear for my life.  After taking a cold, hard look at the numbers our credit scores are based on, I think we’ll be lucky if we get the rate they offered us (which is higher than the rate we were offered a month ago).  Then to see if the sellers accept our offer.  Never mind that we saw another house this weekend–we just walked around it–and it looks really nice.  The asking price is higher but it’s a 3 BR ranch with a 6-car driveway on Broad Street.  If the inside is any good (and I suspect the gutters and roof need work, but it’s a very simple roof; no dormers), it can’t hurt to keep it in mind.  On the other hand, it would mean changing the boys’ schools.  But since Alex won’t be in Deb’s class this year, and both the boys’ schools are getting new principals, everything is changing anyway.

The best laid plans of mice and men always go awry, don’t they?

Add-on to this morning’s blog:  our pre-approval letter came in.  We’re submitting an offer.  It’s likely to get laughed at but like I told our realtor, “As long as they don’t use any 4-letter words, we’re good.”  We have some wiggle room in the asking price but I’d really like this price to be as low as possible.  The idea of forking out $1400 per month on our combined salaries really scares the cr*p out of me.  Is it any wonder, since the letter came in, that I’ve been feeling about ready to throw up?

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