There are days when you fully grasp the realization that you’re blessed beyond measure, and this weekend, I lived that for three whole days.  On Friday night I won 2nd place in NJRW’s writing contest, Put Your Heart in a Book.  Even more fun than that was when my name was announced and all my Valley Forge Romance Writers sisters in attendance cheered loud enough to shake the chandeliers.  I had no idea they’d been planning on doing that, and I’m relieved they weren’t asked to leave for unruly behavior.  🙂  When I placed second, they cheered again.  I can’t begin to describe how special that was.  I couldn’t cry because I was so stunned to begin with.  Thank you!

The whole conference was just awesome.  Robin sold out of “Romeo, Romeo” at the book fair, Judi was given a plaque in recognition of her first (and triple) sale, and the workshops and speakers were phenomenal.  Virginia Kantra’s “Roman Women” story is going to turn my entire life around!  JR Ward impressed the beep out of me.  I learned something from every workshop I attended, and if I could’ve attended all of them, imagine how much better a writer I’d be!  After the riotous party, Laura and I managed (just barely) to stay awake on Saturday night/Sunday morning to watch Game 3 when the Phillies gave up a 4-1 lead to come back and win, 5-4, in the bottom of the 9th at about 1:37 a.m.  We still managed to lie there BSing for another half hour ’til we were both practically unconscious, but man, did we have a great time.  There’s NOTHING like Girl Talk. 

On Sunday we slept in (a little; is it “sleeping in” if you wake up at 8:30?) and joined “The Robins” at Starbucks for coffee, breakfast and plotting.  I think Robin K’s got a great start on book 3, Robin L’s story sounds hysterical and steamy at the same time, and I can’t wait to see what Laura can do with “Must Love Dogs”.  I didn’t have anything to contribute this time; I’m still editing Worlds Apart.  Just sitting there with three brilliant writers, ideas started popping into my head like popcorn.  As Laura said, “The mojo’s back!”

We had such a wonderful time, laughing and picking each other’s brains and learning, learning, learning.  We all brought something different to that little table at Starbucks, and the combination is just amazing.  I was thinking on the drive home that sometimes we’re born into families where we share DNA, and sometimes we find ourselves in families where we share something deeper.  Thank you Robin, Robin, and Laura for making me believe in all I can be.  I just hope I can keep up with you.  🙂

And Laura, HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!  You’re the funnest roommate (and co-enabler) ever!!!  I am crazy in love with the awesome tote bag you made me, and I love ya, lady!! 

Thank You, God, for the gift of this weekend.  How I earned it, I’ll never know, but Thank You.

3 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Nope, YOU’RE the best & funnest roommate, sweetie!! Congrats again on the contest finish. A sale is just around the corner for you, I know it!

    Thank you for my beautiful scarves (& the funny birthday card)– and thanks for helping me find my writing mojo!!! I promise to keep better track of it this time. Hanging around with you and The Robins does seem to bring it out to play!!

    I’m already looking forward to next year!!

    Laura 🙂

  2. Carla, you make me blush. I’m the one who is lucky, or maybe we all are. It’s hard to get a critique/plotting group together that works, let alone seems to work so seamlessly. Robin and I were talking about it on the way home. We’re both so excited to be working with you and Laura.

    On a more personal note. You are the sweetest most giving person I know and I don’t know what I’d do without you. Your award is well deserved and we were screaming because we were all so happy for you and proud. Congratulations!

    Hugs….Robin K.

  3. Carla,

    We are new friends, but already you seem like a true sister! Imagine finding another romance writer who is as much a baseball nut as I am. I feel sorry for Laura and Robin when we get going next baseball season.

    Just got your ms of Release Point and can’t wait to read it. I can definitely see myself falling for any hero playse baseball and who looks like Pat Burrell!

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