Too good not to share…except I can’t (yet)

I wanted to share this just because I’m SO excited for Judi.  My friend and chapter prez, Judi Fennell, just got the cover for her first book, “In Over Her Head”, to be released next June, and I really have to say, while they did a fantastic job on Robin Kaye’s cover for “Romeo, Romeo” (due out November 2009), Sourcebooks outdid themselves with this cover. 

Only problem is, I got a little too excited and posted the cover before Judi and Sourcebooks had a chance to officially release it, so I’m afraid I have to take it down for now.  Believe me, when I can, I’ll post it again because they did a really spectacular job. 

The nice thing is that it got me excited to think about what my first cover will look like.  (Yes, I said “will” not “might”.)  I can already see it in my mind.  Maybe the backdrop is the scoreboard at Citizens Bank Park.  Rich, emerald-green grass to one side.  A broad-shouldered Paul stands with his baseball jersey half unbuttoned, a bat on one shoulder and Grace on the other.  I don’t even see faces, even though I used Josh Holloway and Kelly Clarkson as my character models.  All I know is, it’s perfect as it is.  Right here in my imagination.

But Judi’s cover isn’t in her imagination, and it’s awesome, in my opinion.  Awesome!  They picked a wonderful cover to go with a fantastic book!  Way to go, Judi and Sourcebooks!


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