Who IS this kid?

Today is Take Our Children to Work day.  Ryan’s been looking forward to this all year because he gets to raid the cafeteria for breakfast and they hand out cool goodies to the kids.  The year it’s an “acrobatic pen”; push a button and the pen pops out of two slides.  I have to admit, it writes pretty well, but I’m a sucker for a good pen.  (Odd when you consider my handwriting is horrendous and I can type faster than I can write.  Those steno classes in college never quite stuck.) 

It also gives us a little one-on-one time that we don’t often get because Alex usually gets in the way.  For a while this morning we could talk on a somewhat equal level, except I don’t have a book report due.  (I did have an invoice correction to get done.)  He has an interesting mind, though one thing I have noticed lately is that he seems to see the world as if he’s wearing magnifying glasses for eyewear.  Every little thing is SUCH a big deal that the world should stop turning.  The tiniest slight is a major insult and should result in a duel to the death.  I’ve tried to explain that part of going to school isn’t just learning facts and figures, it’s about learning how to deal with other people, and how society works.  The world isn’t going to hand you your heart’s desires; you have to work for it, and also navigate the rest of society in trying to get to it.  I think he can do it, but he has to get around his “everybody hates me” attitude first.  I remember thinking like that, a long long time ago.  Ah, the life of a teenager. 

Someone once told me that the art of maturity is knowing when not to care.  I may have perfected that.  🙂


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